Pin Jin Red Packet

Wedding Pin Jin Dai (Betrothal Gifts)


Wedding Pin Jin PacketWedding Pin Jin PacketWedding Pin Jin Packet

 Wedding Pin Jin Packet 

Size:  (12cm x 22cm) 

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Wedding Pin Jin PacketWedding Pin Jin Packet

 Wedding Pin Jin Red Packet 

Size:  (13.5cm x 22cm) 

Price : SGD $2.00 each   




Wedding Pin Jin Dai - Betrothal Gifts


The traditional Chinese wedding begins with an elaborate marriage proposal and acceptance.   This process is usually handed by the parents of the prospective bride and groom, rather than the bride and groom themselves.

First of all, the parents of two parties exchange family credentials as tokens of intention. Second, after bargaining, the two families would arrive at the amount of money and goods that would make up the gift to the girl's family. The male's family present betrothal gifts of money and significant items such as tea, poultry, sweetmeats and sugar, wine and tobacco, accompanied by an itemized statement of these gifts. This Pin Jin Dai would becomes useful.

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